St. Andrew’s Leaflets

St. Andrew’s Leaflets have been produced in response to questions about the Faith or the Church that have been asked by members of the congregation or visitors to our churches.  We hope they may of interest and help to you.

1. Is this a Catholic Church – responses to questions that have been asked

2. Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament 

3. Praying for the Departed 

4. The Ministry of Healing

5. The Use of Incense

6. The Sacrament of Confession

7. The Rosary

8. Traditional Customs and Devotions

9.  Holy Baptism

10. Lent, Holy Week and Easter – about the Rites

11. Dealing with the death of one we love

12. Expanding Prayer – approaches to meditation

13. First Holy Communion

15. The Longest Journey – Preparing for death

16. Praying the Mass – how to develop a devotional approach to the Mass

17. Let there be light – the use of candles in church

18. A Selection of Prayers and Devotions

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